Life in a Small Town


This blog is about Chester, CT and some the incredible things it has to offer.  Keep checking in because there is always something good happening here. You can also look at and for more about Chester.

Email if you want to get in touch.

  1. There’s no stopping you trish…you go girl!

  2. Hi Robin…what can I say…I want to help spread the word about all the wonderful things happening in Chester!

  3. hey Trish, just again congratulations for a wonderful, successful, fun happy lunch yesterday!!! you are a great inspiration! my turn next…so out of my comfort zone…
    Encore BRAVO!! lo

  4. Hi Laurence! Can’t wait to be at your seated enjoying your lunch! You will be great!

  5. who are the local-to-chester web designers? i am considering a complete makeover to mine and would love some resources. mine –>

  6. Hi Richie,
    let me do a little research…one I know of off the top of my head is:

  7. did they do yours?
    i can’t tell from the contact page if they are local.
    thanks –

  8. He lives in Chester, he is the husband of my partner on Smashing Darling…may have spoke out of turn he does not list websites! yikes sorry! I know he did his own. Let me do a little more research and find out if there is anyone in Chester!

  9. hi trish and all –

    i am looking to buy, borrow, or _________ a garment rack that i can use for 3 days next week at a trade show. my desire is to find a nicely appointed but generic-y rack from which i can comfortably hang (on hangers) about 15-20 shirts and tops. i have seen some fairly compact ones on the internet, and most are from industrial suppliers selling to retailers.

    if you or anyone reading has some obsolete or non-used fixtures that i can use. lease, or buy, please let me know asap.

    many thanks.

  10. […] Chester, Connecticut is a beautiful little historic town which was settled in 1692. It’s Main Street where the fair is held is a bout a city block in length, but there is a ton of fun jammed into this small area. Pretty much year round this town is a destination place. […]

  11. Hi Trish, I am glad that you appreciate the listings I provide on so much that you use them as a resource on this site. Bravo!

  12. Good afternoon everyone! I’m from south Mississippi, possibly looking to move to this area. Could y’all tell me a little bit about it? Job availability? School systems? Apartments? Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

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