Marching to Chester Letterbox

In Chester CT Events on March 6, 2016 at 7:56 am

letterboxIf you have visited the town of Chester recently, you may have noticed that Main Street is closed to through traffic due to bridge reconstruction. It should be completed later this spring, but in the meantime, Chester’s motto is: “We’re a Walking Town!”  When I saw the stickers that proclaimed this, I knew I had to carve a stamp to celebrate it.  And when I saw that the Chester Merchants had monthly themes to encourage business during the construction, I knew that the March theme, Marching to Chester, was telling me when to plant!

To find the letterbox, make your way to a store named for a bird. It has a window box in one of its front windows.  Carefully check behind the window box…

If you are seeing this on AQ, you know what to do!

If you have obtained these clues elsewhere:

1) Carefully retrieve the box—try to be discreet!

2) If you have your own stamp, stamp into the logbook in the box. If not, feel free to sign your name/nickname/trail name and leave us a message J

3) Stamp the letterbox stamp image into your own logbook, if you have one, or on loose paper to save J

4) Replace everything as you found it! The only possible exception is if you find a “hitchhiker” inside the letterbox—this can be taken and placed in another letterbox.

If letterboxing sounds like fun, please visit the following websites for more info:

If you’re not from Chester—please be sure to check out our little town! Most of the shops, restaurants, and galleries are open during the construction, though not all are open every day.  Expect Sundays to be quite busy, and Mondays to be very quiet!

Happy Trails!




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