The Local Beet Connecting People to Local and Regional Farms

In Chester Business, Market on May 3, 2011 at 7:05 pm

The Local Beet Co-Op
Newsletter #4


Co-ops, by nature, connect people to their food sources and to other community members.
Naturally, when folks are connected to their food source, they tend to care about how it was produced, what impact it had on the planet and how it will benefit their health.
The search for wonderfully ethical and delicious food sources is one of the best parts of the business and as a co-op, the goal is to be affordable. In the expansion, the Local Beet Co-Op will house The RootSeller, a 501C3 dedicated to bringing farm foods directly to the consumer. They will make connections locally and regionally to bring more exciting choices to the Co-Op.
Today, The Local Beet is spreading their wings to travel to Vermont, probably New England’s largest (and most celebrated) source of farm foods, funky producers and home to some of our favorite co-ops. New member Cary Hull, connected us with her son David,  “Farmer of the Week”, a Chester boy who grew up experiencing the joys of gardening and raising animals for food. David met his wife, Apple, over a bed of arugula and has chosen the arduous life of a farmer connecting his two daughters and the community to the hard earned joys of farm life. Some of you may remember David from his colorful days at The Wheatmarket in Chester. After working on an organic farm, David and his family settled in the green mountain state where their Snow Farm is growing a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) meat business. With restaurant connections in Boston, Snow Farm is quickly selling out of beef shares, however they will be increasing production to accommodate demand. Check out Snow Farm Vermont on Facebook and let David ( know if you are interested in getting in on his growing selection of sustainably and humanely raised beef, pork, goat, chicken or lamb offerings. The Local Beet will happily connect you with Snow Farm and act as a distribution depot.

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