eo’s cold weather film series is back!

In Film & Movies on January 6, 2011 at 7:32 am

… and it’s a double feature. This Thursday, January  6, 2011 7pm

  • $7.50 donation
  • free popcorn
  • byob

RELINE2 (2006)

Black Chair Collection, A Microcinema Exclusive,

The  short compositions that compriseReline2 continue the mission and vision of curators (and contributing artists) Scott Pagano and Phoenix Perry who released Reline in 2002. Artists and musicians included in this second international collection, as in the first, employ experimental media and technology to explore a multitude of themes from sensory to psychological. Among these: reflections on the flight of time and memory; the flow of pure data as an experience of sight and sound; visual modeling of the processes of genetic replication; architecture as soundscape; an ancient Tibetan mantra as digital graffiti; synchronous rhythms of light, shadow, bridge, and internal combustion engine. Clips and trailers are available at the Microcinema web site. DVD extras include artist and musician bios and a variety of descriptive material. Reline2 is recommended for libraries and educational programs with collections in emerging, contemporary, avant garde, and digital art. 


from the director of The Science of Sleep, a previous eo favorite, comes :


a collection of  music videos

    Michel Gondry is certainly one of the most talented music video directors in the industry today. Before venturing on the big screen, as Charlie Kaufman‘s other alter ego, on ambitious and weird pictures such as Human Nature and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, he directed videos for some of the most respected artists in the business, from the White Stripes to the Chemical Brothers, Björk, Daft Punk, The Rolling Stones and the Foo Fighters. What makes the Gallic director different from his counterparts is his ability as a multidisciplinary artist who can play as much on psychedelic editing effects as set his camera on the street or direct stop-motion animation. Rather than imposing his visual signature on the artists, he always adapts his video to them in order to capture the essence of their songs.

    eoart lab

    69 main street

    chester, connecticut 06412


    f. 860.526.4834


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