Town Wide Tag Sale Sign Up

In Chester Business, Chester CT Events on May 8, 2009 at 8:20 am

It’s Time to Sign Up!

If you have not already done so, it is time to sign up for the Chester Townwide Tag Sale to be held on the Saturday of Meorial Day Weekend, May 23.

The listing fee of $10 should be sent to Chester Historical Society at PO Box 204, Chester, CT 06412. Or you can sign up at The Hammered Edge or visit to sign up online with a credit card. Please include your street address, phone number, and your email address so we can contact you if necessary.

Maps will be distributed the day of the event starting at 8:00 am. Maps cost $1 each.

The event is open only to Chester residents and businesses.

All proceeds from listing fees, advertising, and map sales benefit the Chester Historical Society, and are a tax-deductable donation. In part, proceeds are used for map printing, event promotion, and, because of all the traffic in town, for extra police duty during the event.

Why Participate in the Chester Townwide Tag Sale?

The Chester Townwide Tag Sale gives buyers the opportunity to go to one place and spend the day visiting multiple tag sales. It’s a way to have a concentration of sales at one convenient destination. For professional dealers, it’s an efficient way to shop to replenish their inventory.

Chester residents and businesses who wish to have a sale get the benefit of traffic volume that is rarely seen in Chester. Through word of mouth, reputation, and our promotional efforts, over 1000 people stream into Chester the day of the event. For less than the cost of a single classified ad, you get the benefit of traffic volume that you could not hope to achieve on your own!

Thanks to Our Supporters

Many local businesses take out an ad simply to provide financial support for the event. Please show your appreciation by frequenting the establishments of those who advertise on the map!


Click here for more information or call Glenn Reyer at 526-9924 or


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