Another Successful Winter Carnivale

In Chester CT Events on February 15, 2009 at 9:17 pm

The weather could not have been more perfect for today’s Chester Winter Carnivale. The sun was shining endlessly across a perfect blue sky. A record number of people turned out to taste some chili, watch some amazing ice carving and line the streets for the tractor parade. Other festive goings on…street performers in the center of town, River Tavern serving up hot chocolate (to die for I must say) and delicious chicken curry or lamb sandwich cooked on their farm truck parked on Main street. All of the shops were open, some have sales, some serving treats!

Today’s winners were The Wheat Market for best Chili, an upset over long time champs La Vita Gustosa. Deep River Fire Dept. won for best Fire House chili, and Simon’s Marketplace won for best table decoration.

Bill Covitz was the first place winner in the ice carving competition. The sculpture was a pelican with the wings extended and a fish in it’s mouth. I say was because 15 minutes after the competition ended, as it was exposed to the sun when they took down the tents it came crashing to the ground, as did many of the other carvings.


Bill is a professional ice carver and competes in many competitions including the The National Ice Carving Competition. He placed second this year at the national event.You can view some of his gallery here.

The Praying Mantis, was a 2 block ice carving standing 8 1/2 feet tall that earned him first place in Stowe, Vermont as well.

praying mantis


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