Cummings & Good Calendar, Song 2009

In Graphic design, Shopping on November 20, 2008 at 1:45 pm

SONG 2OO9 is the calendar with perfect pitch! With quips and quotes about the history and varieties of SONG—it will entertain you and accompany you throughout the year.

Each month, SONG-related themes, such as Song Bird, September Song and Song Without Words, sing out with original art and photographs. The calendar’s long, narrow profile fits surprising well in all kinds of places. Practical as well as charming, it will become your full time, silent secretary, remembering all those important dates and engagements.

And when the year draws to a close, roll up the chorus of months and return them to the “time-capsule” canister. You’ll have a keepsake of all your 2OO9 memories.

With coordinated gift card included, could there be a more harmonious and easy way to please your friends and family this holiday season. Shop for it online here.

$30 each

Canister 8″ x 6″
Calendar 7″ x 34″


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